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Values & Quality

We have created a strong and fair company that is firmly committed to the pursuit of quality

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ERP Portugal is a solid entity, known from its compromisse to the quality principle, respected in all our activities, both internally and externally. The focus on continuously improving and developing is one of our competitive factors.

We are focused on our customers’ needs. We solve their problems and introduce them to new opportunities.
Our values drive how we operate and how we develop our services:

  • Integrity – we are committed to integrity and ethics;
  • Accountability – we opeate in a clear and accountable manner;
  • Innovation - we focus on identifying solutions and achieving results;
  • Passion - we value and fiercely protect our reputation;
  • Partnership - we are responsible partners to all our customers and suppliers;
  • Diversity – we invite, provide and respect challenging and different views and encourage competition;
  • Simplicity – we seek to continually simplify and improve all our processes, procedures and activities.


Ethical Code
We firmly believe that following the highest ethical standards is of paramount importance. Our business practice policy embodies the core values that guide us. 

Quality Policy

Our services demonstrate the care we devote to the producer´s extended responsibility principle, according to the legislation in force.

Our quality policy is perceptible throughout the whole waste ‘s management chain, leading to a transparent process.

We also motivate the development and introduction of innovative and more sustainable treatment and/or recycling technologies, working together with the entities and partners involved in this issue.

Our Quality Policy

Environmental Policy
ERP is founded on the knowledge that a healthy environment is necessary for sustainable economic growth.
Our Environmental Policy ensures that we comply with every environmental legislation in all of our activities.

Our Environmental Policy

Supply Line Selection and Control

As a compliance scheme, ERP Portugal offers a high quality service at competitive prices. These services may be declarations of the products put on the market (equipment, batteries and accumulators), waste’s collection and management of more than 450 companies, as well as the periodical reports submitted to our activity´s regulative authorities (Ex: Portuguese Environment Agency).

Our financial installments are defined at the lowest cost as possible, preserving service quality and ensuring the compliance with legal requirements.

We invest quite a lot in the follow-up with our business partners in order to guarantee the defined quality standards.

Regularly, we make internal and external audits in order to evaluate the risks and promote our suppliers’ processes´ enhancement and activities.

In conclusion, we aim at that all activities meet, both, legal and environmental requirements, in due time. 


ERP Portugal