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ERP Portugal Services

ERP Portugal is a waste compliance scheme licensed to operate in two specific waste streams: WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and WB&A (Waste of Batteries and Accumulators – portable and industrial batteries and accumulators incorporated in electrical and electronic equipment), according to Decree-Law No. 152-D/2017, of December 11.

This is verified at all stages of the product life cycle (which will become waste), from the producer to the retailer, through the collection points and waste operators.

Intervenients in the process:

  • EEE and B&A producers – we offer a waste´s management service according to all legal requirements applied to the EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment)  and B&A (Batteries and Accumulators) producers. For personalized information, please contact us via the following email address: tp.la1536225977gutro1536225977p-pre1536225977@ofni1536225977.
  • Retailers – We work with different types of retailers no matter their dimension, as their incorporation in the chain of the recycling process is crucial in order to guarantee positive results. If you would like to get to know our services regarding this issue, please contact us via the email tp.la1536225977gutro1536225977p-pre1536225977@ofni1536225977 or by fulfilling our online form.
  • Other Entities – In the course of its activity, ERP Portugal collaborates with several entities involved in this process, among which: Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA), where the registration of Producer must be made and the products put on the market declared (platform SILiAmb); Inspection Authorities and other Management Entities. At the same time, ERP Portugal implements several information and awareness campaigns, involving other partner entities in this challenge, such as Eco-Schools, Municipalities and/or points of sale.
  • Collection Points – the collection points are quite relevant as they allow the correct guidance of the waste managed by ERP Portugal, namely through the Depositrão or the receiving centers distributed throughout the country. 
Our services are
ComplianceCompliance RecyclingRecycling
App for waste´s management

Flex platform makes it possible for any producer that has joined ERP Portugal´s collection network to follow the waste´s management steps. 

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Information about what´s new in terms of ERP Portugal´s activities.

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Access to the reserved area for the producer (login through the website) where is possible to submit and visit the declarations related to the quantities put on the market. 

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Unique and secure access to ERP’s Extranet for your national and European data. 

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Join ERP Portugal

Joining ERP Portugal allows the producers to transfer their responsibility for WEEE and WB&A management, while complying with the legal requirements established in this scope.

Decree Law nº 67/2014, May 7th 

Decree Law nº 6/2009, January 6th

Decree Law nº 173/2015, August 25th

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Other issues

Contact us via email tp.lagutrop-pre@ofni or via telephone to the following contact number: +351 21 911 96 30

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Support to the producers

Information and explanation of issues related to joining ERP Portugal, legal scope and procedures associated to the waste´s management activity. 

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Users´ Platform

ERP Portugal has available an online platform that allows the producers that join the Waste´s Management Collective System (WMCS) to submit their compulsory declarations, check their current account and issue WMCS adherence certificates. 

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