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ERP Portugal belongs to the first European Recycling Platform (ERP), founded in 2002 by four big companies Electrolux, Gillette, Hewlett Packard and Sony in response to the first European Directive on Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). In Portugal, ERP has been operating since April 27, 2006, according to the Permit to operate as WEEE compliance scheme issued by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation and the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning.

The permit to the manage Waste of Batteries and Accumulators (WB&A) Portable and Industrial embeddable in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) was assigned by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, by Order No. 3862/2010 of 3 March, 2010.

ERP’s mission is to ensure the effective implementation of the Directive, for the benefit of associated companies and consumers through innovative management strategies and implementation of the Directive in accordance with a set of principles for the protection of consumers and businesses, as well as the environment.

ERP is the pan-European compliance organization only approved that is trusted by more than 2.400 producers across Europe and the first in the compliance market supply for WEEE, batteries and packaging at end of life, in 40 countries.

ERP is the first integrated management system, which provides services on a pan-European level, and is authorized to operate in the following countries: Austria, Denmark, Slovakia, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Netherlands (in association with WEE NL), Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden and Turkey.


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