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  • Raw materials

    Materials that result from waste´s recycling or recovery processes and that may be used in the production of new products. 

  • Receiving Center

    Premises where the storage or sorting of waste takes place, either included in flow´s management compliance schemes or in urban waste´s management systems. These centers are part of the collection network of the collective and individual waste´s management systems. 

  • Recovery

    Any operation whose main result is the transformation of waste in order for them to serve a purposeful goal, replacing other materials that, in other cases, would have been used for a specific end; or the preparation of those waste for that goal, during installation. 

  • Recycling

    Any recovery operation, including reprocessing organic materials through which the materials that compose the waste are, once again, transformed into products, materials or substances for their original end or for other ends that do not include energetic recovery nor reprocessing materials that should be used as fuel or in filling operations. 

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    These are verbs that are part of the 3 R´s policy. As such, and using a specific sorting priority level, we shall Reduce the number of waste produced, Reuse them to the fullest extent and, in case they have reached the end of their life cycle, Recycle them. 

  • Registry entity

    Nonprofit entity responsible for the organization and maintenance of the producers´ registry. 

  • Removal

    Manual, mechanical, chemical or metallurgist treatment according to which substances, mixtures and hazardous components are confined to an identifiable flow or to part of an identifiable flow, in the treatment process; any substance, mixture or component is identifiable as long as it may be controlled in order to check that the treatment is, indeed, secure in environmental terms. 

  • Retailer

    Individual or juridical person integrated in a commercial circuit that provides EEE or B&A in the market; a retailer may be considered, simultaneously, a producer. 

  • Reuse

    Any operation through which EEE or its components are used for the same end for which they were created; reuse includes the continuous use of WEEE that is returned to receiving centers, retailers, recycling premises or producers.