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  • Portable battery or accumulator

    Any battery, button battery, group of batteries or accumulators that are hermetically closed off and may be transported by hand and are not an industrial battery or accumulator, nor a battery or accumulator for motor vehicles, namely AA and AAA batteries, as well as the batteries and accumulators used on cell phones, laptops, wireless electric tools, toys and domestic appliances. 

  • Preliminary storage

    Waste´s controlled deposit, in the same place they are produced, for a period no longer than one year, before collection, in premises where the waste area produced or unloaded, in order to be prepared for posterior transportation to another place to be treated. 

  • Preparation for reuse

    In recycling, the preparation for reuse consists in the extraction of discarded objects that are meant to be reused. 

  • Prevention

    Adopting measures before any substance, material or product assumes the nature of waste, and is destined to:

    a)    The amount of waste produced, namely through the reuse of products or the prolonging of the products´ life time;

    b)    The adverse impact on the environment and on human health resulting from waste produced, or:

    c)    The nature of the harmful substances present in the materials and products. 

  • Products put on the market (B&A)

    Supplying or making a product available to any third parties, either against payment or free of charge, including importation to national territory. 

  • Products put on the market (EEE)

    The first time a product is put on the market, in Portugal, as part of a professional activity.