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  • Ecodesign

    Approach to the creation of a product with special focus on the product´s environmental impacts during its entire life cycle. 

  • Economic operators

    Any producers, distributors or waste´s management operators. 

  • Ecovalue

    Ecovalue is a financial fee, paid by the producers per each product put on the market, in order to cover the different generic and specific affectation of waste´s management costs by a waste´s compliance scheme, licensed for this effect. 

  • EEE producer

    Any individual or juridical person that, regardless the sales technique used, including long distance sales or affectation for own use, not including those who proceed exclusively to funding, except if it also act as a producer in the meaning of one of the following situations:

    a)    Is established in national territory and produces EEE under its own name or brand or gives EEE to be produced or created by others, markets them with its own name or brand, in Portugal;

    b)    Is established on national territory and proceeds to resell equipment, in Portugal, under their own name or brand, produced by other suppliers; the reseller is not considered producer in case the producer´s brand is put on the equipment, as indicated in the previous paragraph;

    c)    Is established on national territory and puts on the market EEE originated in another country in or out of the European Union;

    d)    Proceeds to selling EEE, through long distance communication techniques, directly to end users or to non-end-users, in Portugal, and is established in another country inor out of the European Union.

  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE)

    Equipment which depends on electric current or electromagnetic fields to function properly, as well as equipment for generating, transferring and measuring those currents and fields and that are created to be used with nominal tension not superior to 1000V for alternate current and 1500v for continuous current. 

  • Electrical and Electronic Waste coming from end users

    WEEE coming from the domestic sector as well as WEEE from commercial, industrial, institutional and other sources which, due to their nature and quantity, are similar to the WEEE coming from the domestic sector. The EEE waste susceptible to being used both by end users as well as non-end-users shall, in any case, be considered WEEE coming from end users. 

  • Elimination

    Any operation that is not considered a recovery operation, even when the operation´s secondary consequence is to recover substances or energy. 

  • Energetic recovery

    Use of combustible waste as means to produce energy, through direct incineration, with or without other waste but with heat recuperation. 

  • Exchange the old by the new

    When buying a new or equivalent equipment, the citizen may hand in, free of charge, his old equipment (WEEE), either directly in the point of sale or when his new product his delivered to his house.