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  • Cathodic rays´ tube

    The cathodic ray´s tube, or CRT, is “an old style” of TV or PC monitor; it is composed of a vacuum tube with an electrons cannon and a fluorescent screen used to create images of light on the fluorescent screen. 

  • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

    CFCs are chemical composites used in cooling systems that harm the ozone layer. 

  • Collection

    Collection of waste, including preliminary sorting and storage, in order to be transported to a waste´s treatment center. 

  • Collection point

    The place where waste´s reception and preliminary storage take place, as part of the collection process, and which is part of the collective or individual management systems´ collection network. 

  • Collection rate

    Mass percentage, obtained through the quotient between the portable batteries and accumulators collected nationwide in a given civil year, and the average number of batteries and accumulators sold in that civil year as well as in the last two previous years, to end users either, directly by the producers or through third parties. 

  • Compliance scheme

    Juridical person licensed to manage waste. 

  • Compliance scheme management

    The system that presupposes the transference of the responsibility for managing wastes to a dully licensed compliance scheme.